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In Cablescom our Logistics Department tracks the whole production process, from the of raw materials management up to the delivery of the finished product. The mission of this management consists of planning and coordinating all the necessary activities to obtain the desired service and quality levels of the product. Cablescom continues to improve its logistics systems in order to supply cables all over the world, complying with every deadline for each project and client.

Our Logistics Department develops an equally management of the make-to-stock products and make-to-order products. At operational level, Cablescom has adapted its control indicators, service levels, reliability and speed in the delivery times concerning stock and logistic costs (transport, packaging, stores, workforce, etc), always in the look for client satisfaction.

Likewise, we work with specialized logistic operators, who are highly integrated and who collaborate with us in the storage, distribution and court tasks, both for the domestic market and for the export market.

Packaging Catalogue (pdf)
Bobbins Storage and Handling (pdf)


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