Quads CCTSST RF 0,1

Quaded railway signaling cables, armoured LSZH sheath with a 0,1 RF, ADIF standard


Cables from 1 to 28 star quads, conductors of 0.9 and 1.4 mm, PE insulation. Quads are stranded in layers to form the cable core. The core protection is an anti-inductive sheath with reduction factor of 0,1, low smoke and fire resistant (LSZH). They are used as telecommunication or signaling cables in railways networks, especially in railways infrastructures where protection against power lines is needed. For installation in ducts or directly buried in tunnels where fire resistant characteristics are needed. Protected against rodents.

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Water blocking

Place of installation

Mechanical reinforcement

Rodent resistant

UV resistant

Flame retardant

Zero halogen

Anti-induction protection