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Cablescom is committed to the improvement and management of the quality of its business processes in the relationships with its employees, clients, shareholders and community. For this purpose, the company uses the EFQM Excellence Model (European Foundation for Quality Management), Business Excellence awarded on behalf of the Government of Aragon.

The Quality Management System of Cablescom is certified under the ISO 9001 international certification since 1993, and it is characterised by using the latest information technologies and measurement equipments to guarantee the quality of its products and processes.

Cablescom has a laboratory where we can perform most of the material and product test, as well as qualified staff with a lot of experience to ensure an excellent technical and customer service.

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy (pdf)
ISO 9001 (pdf)
ISO 14001 (pdf)



The sustainable management of our business respecting the environment is part of the culture of Cablescom, where the prevention pollution principles, the complying of the legislation and the commitment with continuous improvement are the framework in all the business processes.

The Environmental Management System is certified in the 14001 ISO international standards, where the principal business lines are:

  • Energy efficiency projects.
  • Carbon footprint measurement in all its products and processes.
  • Waste separation to be assessed or managed.
  • REACH and RoHS directives compliance.
  • Consumption control and reduction.

ISO 14001 certificates (PDF)

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy (PDF)


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