EMC-optimized motor cable, low-capacitance,
double shielded (3+3 symmetry structure)


FI SERVO 2YSLCYK-JB are designed for use in dry, humid or wet conditions. They are double shielded low capacitance cables of flexible design, with PVC sheath and PE core insulation. Having a concentric conductor array design, the cable possesses a split ground wire with reduced total cross section. This concentric design avoids all cable-relevant parts from high frequency discharge currents, which may damage motor bearings especially at high frequencies and long cable lengths. This design also improves EMC noise situation of the whole drive system. Additionally, due to the design the frequency converter system is burdened with lower capacitive reactive power compared to PVC insulated cables. They are suitable for connection between frequency converter and motor , paper industry, chemical industry, heavy industry.

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