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CABLESCOM has an internal reporting system through which any person may:

  • Report to CABLESCOM any regulatory breach that has come to light (whether of state legislation or implementing regulation, or internal company rule) committed by a CABLESCOM member or by third parties in contact with CABLESCOM within the framework of their occupational or professional activities.
  • Forward to CABLESCOM any query related to the scope, fulfillment and interpretation of the legislation applicable to CABLESCOM.

CABLESCOM has provided an internal reporting channel by means of the company email:

Whistleblowers may identify themselves when they submit reports or submit them anonymously.

CABLESCOM undertakes to keep confidential the identity of the whistleblower, any third party mentioned in the report, and the events reported, and to prohibit any retaliation against persons who have reported possible infringements in good faith.

For more details, see the Internal Reporting System Policy.